About Us

Established in 2013 amidst the snowboarding and outdoor adventure hub of Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Faded Underwear embarked on a straightforward yet grand mission: to craft underwear that stands by our side during our adventures, meeting our specific needs for:

  1. Durable support
  2. Reduced skin friction
  3. Breathable materials

And we've succeeded.

Our products have since spread through boardshops, skateshops, and outdoor specialty retailers across Canada, Europe and Australia. Now, we're shifting gears towards enhancing our production processes by bringing them back to Montreal from abroad. This move, albeit costly, ensures better oversight and quality control. As part of our dedication to offering top-quality underwear at the best prices, moving sales online became an evident step forward.

Unlike other companies that have jumped on the marketing bandwagon with fancy pockets for your bits and bobs, we've kept it simple. Our boxers are designed to give your boys the support they need without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Because let's be honest, boxers are just boxers, but we've made them better – no gimmicks, just pure comfort.