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Faded Underwear was established to create a high end affordable product. We set out to support athletes and those involved in the action sport community. With attention to detail and high quality materials, our underwear are designed specifically for an active lifestyle. Take a look, we hope you’re as stoked on them as we are!

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Faded Underwear Family

We, at Faded, strongly believe in kinship. We are beyond proud of our growing family of ambassadors and humbled with the ongoing support/love for our grassroots company. What makes us different is that we don’t just say we’re passionate about our products & what it represents, but we also live it. Not only are Faded Underwear comfortable to rock on your average day-to-day, but we also put them to the test through a variety of activities, in a variety of elements. Here are some of the pretty faces of our happy family who, in their own unique ways, put our boxers to work.